Test scores determine the college; college determines their future…

It’s a familiar scene…
The exam is placed in front the student. The student freezes forgetting everything they learned.

Did you know that hypnotherapy can actually help students with a variety of issues that may be holding them back? Hypnotherapy works for young students preparing for college and adult academics alike.

Parents of students, hypnotherapy can help your child to…

  • Stop re-living past exam experiences
  • Instantly recall information in any situation
  • Reduce test-taking anxiety
  • Study in half the time and remember twice as much

Who can benefit from working with Maureen?

  • Adolescents in college-prep courses studying to take the SATs/ACTs
  • Students overwhelmed by the test-taking process
  • Children with great potential that is not reflected in exam scores
  • Parents and teachers unsure of how to help their child through challenging academics
  • Adults who are studying to advance their careers, or stay current on their certifications
proud, female college graduate

Their future depends on being able to measure their potential. Let’s work together to ensure their future is bright and they are a success!
Maureen is the ONLY hypnotherapist who has been a director and instructor in two nationally accredited colleges. Because of her medical and scientific training and background, she is also the only hypnotherapist who is a co-author of a research paper issued by the Neuroscience Department at UCLA. 

“I was referred to Maureen by a dear friend who said she could help me with memory retention for an important exam I was studying for to advance my career. We did EFT tapping and hypnosis sessions in the months leading up to my exam. She helped me to better retain what I had studied and to not overthink my answers and stress myself out over it. I am pleased to say I passed my test which led to a raise! – A.P., Client