401 Study Guide

Students attending the Hypnosis Motivation Institute have the 401 videotapes to go through as part of their curriculum.   The 401 Study Guide is a complimentary textbook that assists these students with additional information from Maureen Pisani’s point of view.

The Study Guide encompasses the videos with in-depth explanations regarding Dr. John Kappas’ style, technique and methodology.  The explanations cover not only the topic at hand, but also peripheral topics discussed in each session.

This study guide has assisted thousands of HMI students over the years.  Offering the 401 Study Guide as an e-book, only makes the system more efficient for the students.

This supplementary text book has been utilized by thousands of students.

Should you have any questions,  feel free to contact Maureen.  She’s always eager to assist novice hypnotherapists in their pathway to success.

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