Abundance for Hypnotherapists Series

Persistence, Versatility & Going for it!

• Are you a budding Hypnotherapist who really wants to be successful?

• Are you facing a solid sea of “What? Hypnosis? Seriously?”

• Are all your contacts bargaining for discounts?

• Are you wondering how you’re going to make it?

Maureen has been an entrepreneur for several years and knows the ups and downs businesses offer. She currently runs 2 thriving Hypnotherapy practices – in Los Angeles and in San Diego. As she built both businesses, Maureen learned firsthand what was required to make these successful.

Each of us has a subconscious ‘comfort zone’ with regards to who we are, what our personality allows us to do, how we tackle situations, how far we are ready to go and how hard we are ready to push to make it through to the financial freedom. This programming was set by age 8.

Unfortunately, if not made aware, our subconscious mind continues to run the childhood programming that is no longer valid. When you listen to this three MP3/CD set, Maureen will introduce new strategies to your subconscious mind, thereby updating and notifying it of your wants and desires.

Once the subconscious mind is made aware of what you want today – as an adult, as an entrepreneur and as a hypnotherapist, change happens and success follows.

Maureen recommends listening to 1 MP3/CD a week. Being that it takes 21 days to create a permanent change, listening to one CD a week, for 3 weeks will assist your subconscious mind in listening, accepting and implementing change. This 3 CD set and workbook will assist you in changing how you look at life, at your practice and how abundance will flow into your life.

There are 3 hypnotic audio tracks in this series and the workbook. After purchase, you’ll be presented with download links for the mp3 and pdf files. You’ll have access to these links for 30 days.

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