The ‘In-Between’ Space

The ‘In-Between’ Space (Step #3 in the Pain-Relieving Series)

  • Are you dreading tomorrow because you already know it’s going to be painful?
  • Are you living in constant discomfort?
  • Have you started doubting your ability to improve your condition?
  • Do you wish there was a way that you could feel better?

As a Hypnotherapist, Maureen strives to assist as many clients as possible overcome their physical hurdles to live a better today, every day.  She sympathizes with clients whose lives are being burdened by pain.  Whether it’s an acute incident or a chronic situation, Maureen understands their pain on a personal level. She has taken it upon herself to work through each health situation that she has faced utilizing her brain, mind and hypnosis.  The results she’s achieved personally and for her clients are inspiring.

After working in the medical field for over 20 years, she understands human physiology and the subconscious triggers which aggravate the intensity of the pain we perceive.  She uses her expertise in hypnotherapy to offer the subconscious mind new options which create permanent change. These options can be the reduction of intensity of pain, the option of a pain free future, and the ability to think your way through the misery of today to a comfortable future.

Even though you have the option of purchasing this mp3 on its own, it is highly recommended that listeners purchase all 3 audio tracks in the Pain Relieving Hypnosis Series. Maureen’s intention is to guide you through the unconscious journey of releasing what you currently think of as your status quo.

Maureen accesses your unconscious mind and offers it an innovative method of how to behave pro-actively regardless of situations or circumstances.  Utilizing this hypnotic session will allow your unconscious mind to reprogram and reset itself.   Once you have these new options as set behaviors, your outlook will support your desires which will result in your success.

This is a 30-minute hypnotic session. After your purchase has been verified, links to download the MP3s will be emailed to you directly. You will have access to these links for 30 days.

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