Paradise Health Retreat

Paradise Health Retreat is back and this time we are hanging out in sunny San Diego, California. In this 9th Edition of the retreat, we are offering unique skills and techniques that will allow you to make your New Years resolutions actual solutions. Join us for 3 days dedicated to teaching you the tools needed to awakening the best version of you. This is a body, mind and spiritual health retreat in which we aim to develop these aspects of your life in order for you to understand how to grow and become the best version of self.


Join us for an all-inclusive weekend of self realization as you break down your current and past life and determine the road to becoming your best self. Our Awakening retreat is meant to help you not only become aware of the internal and external obstacles that are in your life; but also gives you a road map of solutions that can be implemented to work on becoming the best version of you!

Join me and a couple of amazing friends as we assist you in coming up with solutions that will help you, not only stick to your New Years resolutions but also help you become the optimal version of you living the optimal version of your life. We bring you from being in the ‘automatic’ to ‘intentional living’. We will walk you through breaking old habits and creating new routines to help you live in the present moment and guide you into living a life with purpose. This version of the retreat will include speakers to bring light and tools to improve all aspects of your life starting with understanding your life, whats important and what is holding you back.

Our Mindfulness Facilitators:

Maureen Pisani, Motivational Speaker

Originally from the Island of Malta, Maureen has been able to transcend through extremely challenging and debilitating chapters of life.  As an Author and Motivational Speaker, she utilizes her experiences to highlight the hidden strengths each of us has within us.  

As a Hypnotherapist, Maureen is at the Mastery Level in all 4 modalities – Hypnotherapy, Therapeutic Guided Imagery, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Reiki Energy work.  In addition, she is the ONLY Hypnotherapist who has been a Director and Instructor in two Nationally Accredited Colleges and is also a Trainer for NLP.  She is also the ONLY Hypnotherapist who is a co-author of a research paper issued by the Neuroscience Department at UCLA.

She is the resident Hypnotherapist at the renowned Chopra Center in La Costa, San Diego County, CA. Maureen has authored 9 Hypnotherapy books and produced over 25 Hypnotic CDs. She is the founder of Pro-Thrive Science-Based Hypnotherapy where she works with groups and individuals, to help them go from just surviving to truly thriving.

Rima Aboulhosen, Awareness Developer

Born and raised in Lebanon Rima grew up in a state of war.  She moved to the US and had to adapt to a whole different way of life. This move has given her a magical view of the world “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of living in Mindfulness and Happiness”. An education in Business gave Rima a start in Corporate America as a National Accounts Manager.  She left that job to become an entrepreneur and has since owned and sold various businesses, including a restaurant. From her tried and true experiences, Rima has developed a program to help us become aware of the patterns in our lives that are not serving our purpose. Through awareness, we can then consciously remove the things that are not serving us and find the things we need to focus on, to find our true happiness.  Rima’s goal in life is to improve the condition of the world by helping people learn how to accept and love themselves in order to live a life that matters.

Johanna Godinez, Lifestyle and Wellness Coach

Originally from Puerto Rico, Johanna is a daughter of the universe and the world.  As a humanitarian, health and fitness coach, lifestyle and wellness coach, Yoga Alliance registered Yoga teacher trainer and Yoga Alliance continuing education provider, her goal in life is to find happiness, improve the condition of the world and help people learn how to take care, accept and love themselves.  An MBA by education and Happiness Dealer by trade, Johanna will give you tools to improve the state of your body, health and mind; while learning to understand and create a healthy relationship with yourself.

Whether you are living in Southern California or coming in from out of state, this fully immersed retreat includes lodging and meals for all and there is an option to have us provide your flight and transportation as well.  We are looking forward to having you on this 9th Edition of Paradise Health Retreat in which we will lead you to AWAKEN WITHIN!

A minimum of 50% non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your space. Discounts are offered for full payment options. The number of participants is capped to ensure a personalized setting so reserve your space today!

All of you beautiful souls that are coming from out of town get the flight included in the early bird pricing if purchased before December 15th!!!

There are two methods of payment – eventbrite and/or paypal.


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Motivational Speaker, Author and Science-Based Hypnotherapist