Do you play to win or just not lose? Winning is in the mind! 

Professional sports careers are many times decided as early as junior high. And the athlete’s aptitude is partly based on their talent and skill but also based on their mental ability to overcome obstacles not only during the game/ match but also in life.

From thinking to doing, a child’s personal life and wishes sometimes interfere with his/her sport’s performance.

Hypnotherapy can help athletes to…

  • Increase confidence
  • Enhance accuracy
  • Reduce game-day performance anxiety
  • Stop reliving past failures

Maureen can help athletes in the sports of…

  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Tennis

Let me help the athlete to win in the mind so they can succeed in the game!
Only 3% of all who take a hypnosis course will actually launch a career and of them only 1% become o professional hypnotherapist. Maureen is not only at the Mastery Level, she is the ONLY hypnotherapist who has been a director and instructor in two nationally accredited colleges. Because of her medical and scientific training and background, she is also the ONLY hypnotherapist who is a co-author of a reseorch paper issued by the Neuroscience Department at UCLA. She is the resident hypnotherapist at the renowned Chopra Center in Carlsbad, San Diego County CA, has authored eight hypnotherapy books and produced over 25 hypnotic CDs and is a certified NLP Trainer. Having dealt with devastating circumstances in her on life (going from being 100% disabled to having o full, successful and abundant life), Maureen is proof positive that science-based hypnotherapy works! She is the founder of ProThrive Science-based Hypnotherapy where she works with groups and individuals to help them go from just surviving to truly thriving.

“Maureen is not only a ypnotherapist, she is a break-through therapist with expertise in ” ultiple modalities. My essions with her shifted me from stuck to anything is possible! I HIGHLY recommend her!”

– T.H., Client