Executive VIP Whole Day Session

If you could master an approach to sort ‘it’ out…deal with ‘it’…resolve ‘it’…all in one day, you’d go for it, wouldn’t you?

Re-set, Re-frame, Re-launch & Re-invent your life Realize a future beyond even one you imagined!

Maureen Pisani, the only hypnotherapist to be Director and Instructor in 2 nationally accredited colleges, is at the Masters Level in Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Therapeutic Guided Imagery and Reiki Work, and teaches the first three. Utilizing her much sought after “Pisani Method,” Maureen offers a 1-day Intensive – no fluff, straight-up work leading to undeniable results! She focuses on empowering YOU to bring cohesion to all aspects of YOUR LIFE!

Step into your new life and…OWN IT!

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Motivational Speaker, Author and Science-Based Hypnotherapist

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