Real Clients, Real Results.

“Hi Maureen, I’ve been wanting to send you a note to thank you for your help. I’m sure you see a lot of people, so I’ll briefly remind you of my story…I met you at the Chopra Center in June, two weeks after my doctor recommended removing an ovary. I’d had an ovarian cyst for about two years. It grew to 4cm and looked odd… she determined it was a dermoid cyst. Before turning to surgery, I wanted to see if I could resolve it on my own.
The session that you created for me was perfect… it focused on resolving the cyst and self-care. I listened to it every night, sometimes twice a night, for two months. When I returned for a follow-up with my doctor, the cyst was completely gone! No sign of it at all.
I’m so grateful because I don’t believe it would have happened without your help. I will be in touch when I get clear on what I want to happen next.”

“Dear Maureen, it is less than a week, since my session with you at the Chopra Center. One suggestion you gave me was to rid the edema in my legs. As of today, I woke up with my legs back. I have real ankles again. The shape has lasted all day. As of this evening I still have no edema in my right leg and minimal in my left. Thank you. I love going to sleep with you every night. God bless you.”

“I listened to the hypnosis process you were good enough to do for my last surgery from six weeks ago, last night over and over. When I came out of the total knee replacement surgery yesterday, my blood pressure was extremely low, so they weren’t able to give me the pain meds necessary. Needless to say, I was in agony. I have the session you did for me on my phone and as soon as I could, I listened to it over and over. Today, they are amazed at my progress. So, thank you, thank you, thank you!!”

“My second knee replacement was soooo painful. Even the pain medication wasn’t working. Maureen did a session for me. Thank God. I don’t think I would have survived with my sanity intact without her help. Love you lady. Thank you!”

“Well done Maureen, you have definitely changed my life. I highly recommend you, your work is amazing. God bless you. xx”

“I saw Maureen when I was at the Chopra Center. What can I say, Maureen was one of the most informed, intelligent, and warm people, I had ever met. Talk about impressed. Her work is truly a gift that is magical and transforming. Even though we are miles away, I will only be using Maureen as my hypnotherapist. She is exceptional in her work and as a fellow human being. I was so fortunate and blessed that our paths have crossed.”

“I met Maureen in October 2013 and we did some hypnotherapy sessions by phone. Very professional, very impressed and very helpful to my situation. I especially appreciated having the recordings sent by email so that I could repeat listening… very value based.”

“I was a heavy smoker (almost 2 packs per day). I tried every other means possible to quit smoking before seeing Maureen. I am happy to say that, after using Maureen on March 16, 2007, I have not had the urge to smoke whatsoever. Maureen called me a few times to ‘check up’ on me since then, and from time to time, I contact her to ‘check in’. Maureen has been instrumental in my venture for better health, and I have referred friends, colleagues and even family members to her.. and will continue to do so!”

“Maureen was introduced to me by a co-worker, as someone who can help me get rid of my smoking addiction. I have tried many times before with not much success. From the first minute I met Maureen, I felt a good connection and good energy. After our initial meeting, we have met again for a hypnotherapy session which helped me to quit smoking after 20 years of use. Maureen is a professional person who is aware of the details and also fun to work with. I can’t thank her enough for the positive changes she had in my life.”

“I was very fortunate to make contact with Maureen Pisani for our research program on the physiology of hypnosis and deception. She is a highly gifted hypnosis practitioner who has a strong understand and appreciation of the power of the method, as well as an extraordinary talent for performing the procedure and inducing very deep hypnotic states. Our own research in this area is exceptionally complicated and these efforts would be in no way possible without her skilled help. I can recommend her unhesitatingly.”
Dr. Mark Cohen

“Maureen is a living example of her own teachings; her life challenges did not slow her but accelerate her into greatness! I had the honor of having Maureen as my teacher, she is inspiring and knowledgeable, and she will enlighten you while opening your horizons to heights yet discovered. Her warm personality and brilliant guidance will able you to complete your purpose in life. I highly recommend Maureen Pisani as a hypnotherapist and a teacher.”

“I sought out hypnotherapy to help me with sugar addiction. I was having something surgary on a daily basis, sometimes several times a day, and I couldn’t bring myself to stop. I gained 10 pounds and was not happy about it. From my first session with Maureen focusing on this addiction, my desire for sweets vanished. I found that it was so easy to say no to temptation and easier still to not seek it out. The craving and urge was just not there. It was a great relief and wonderful to have it be such a no brainer with seemingly no effort on my part. Thank you.”

“I attended a 10-day Deepak Chopra Wellness workshop, which was wonderful and then to top it off, I had 2 or 3 sessions with Maureen and to this day, I’m so grateful for her and that experience. She was definitely the cream at the top of an all-around healing experience. Maureen is very special and gifted.”

“Maureen is so fabulous! I have never been hypnotized before and it was a wonderful experience. Maureen’s positive energy and her ability to listen to what you really want then make it part of your session is life-changing. She is also a great speaker! She gave a class on hypnosis, beautifully condensing some rather technical information into an informative session.”

“I highly recommend Maureen Pisani, she helped me immensely. PTSD was one of my challenges and after the first session, the change was profound.”

“I’m still losing weight (down 19 kilos [40+ lbs] so far) and the tinnitus in the left ear is still gone and the right is still there but much less and sometimes gone.”

“Maureen, thank you so much for this. It was wonderful talking to you last week, I felt energized afterwards. A few days later, I had a 15-hour flight back to Australia, I listened to the recording after having something to eat, and I slept around 11hours! It was the best flight I’ve ever had. I’ve been listening at night and waking up so refreshed, it’s been wonderful. I’m very excited about the future. Thank you again, so much.”

“I cannot tell you how thankful I am to have met you and to have worked with you. Your help has allowed me to lose almost 70lbs so far. I eat better and am healthier. My migraines are no different other than they are less painful, so that I credit to you as well. Losing weight has been a wonderful blessing. I don’t know what more you can do for me at a distance, but I am open to suggestions. Much thanks.”

“Thank you SO much for today. I treasure the gift you gave me and look forward to listening to my future nightly. Everyone should have you as a mother. You are beyond wise and authentically kind. I hope to see you again the next time I am down in the area.”

“My sessions with Maureen worked like magic. I had a very real, unreasonable fear of needles. I passed out at most shots or blood draws. I would even get woozy watching someone else being stuck. This was a bit of an obstacle while I worked in a surgeon’s office. After having a live session with Maureen and listening to the recording she made for me, I was able to have a procedure most people would need Valium to get through. I was perfectly calm around all the needles and instruments. Doctor was amazed, because he had witnessed me fainting in the past. The mind is a wonderful thing, and Maureen is so skilled at getting it to behave for our best interest.”

“I’d never thought it was possible for me to by hypnotized until I met Maureen. Imagine my surprise! I had just gone through a painful breakup, and that one session with Maureen assisted me in letting go of and moving on way faster than I could have done on my own. Maureen’s skill and empathy combined with her great sense of humor makes it a pleasure to do business with her!”

“I was in the ER with atrial fibrillation and a heart rate of 260 that would not respond to medicine. A colleague called Maureen, and she brought my heart rate down to 60 and returned it to sinus rhythm with hypnosis, over the phone!”

“The enthusiasm that Maureen has for the field of Hypnotherapy, and the business of helping people can be described as contagious. She has a wonderful natural way of making people feel good about themselves and their potential. Learning from Maureen was fun, engaging, personal and thought provoking. Her knowledge of Hypnotherapy is very thorough and complete with close attention to detail. She is one of the most impeccable people I have been fortunate to know. Her hunger for learning seems insatiable, as she is continuously reaching for the next rung on the ladder. Her clients report amazing results and satisfaction with their sessions.”

“Maureen works with my children! My daughter for staying relaxed and creative in her singing and performances and auditions, and my high school son, working on his tournament golf game and college scholarships. Thank you for being such a powerful support in reaching our family goals!”

“Maureen, just came from the cardiologist for my test results. Perfect everything. Blood pressure – 110/80. Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you and big hug. Namaste.”

“Once again, I would to thank you for your help. I just came back from the cardiologist. My blood pressure is still excellent – 130/70. I am listening to the audio every night. Thanks.”

“Thank you, Maureen A Pisani! I just can’t believe the results. For those of you that don’t know, I run a newly developing outside sales team for funerals and cemetery property. My team was struggling to close sales, so I thought Maureen could help. Wow did she ever! I invited Maureen to my team meeting as a special guest speaker. Everyone was open to her theories and participated in the group hypnosis to clear blocks and close more sales. It was the last Monday of March and we were not even close to our quota. By the last day of the month, we were at 136% of quota. I am receiving constant positive feedback from team. Thank you again Maureen!”

“In one session, Maureen took me out of a PTSD loop and I was able to drive again without fear and clutching the wheel. I have experienced her work on a personal and professional level and recommend her on the highest level of care. Those who I have sent to her can say the same.”

“A Massive Thank You goes to my amazing cousin Maureen A Pisani, who through hypnotherapy helped my daughter who happens to be petrified of injections. After Maureen’s intervention, my daughter was able to go through with her vaccination and the outcome was unbelievable as she was bursting with fits of laughter instead of crying and didn’t even feel the needle but instead a sensation of something just slightly being pushed inside. Maureen, you’re amazing and I know for a fact that hypnotherapy really works – God bless you always with this special gift He’s given you. Thanks, once again.”

“I am contacting you to tell you how grateful I am for your help, your work with me at the Perfect Health retreat in Carlsbad at the end of January. Your hypnosis and audio have literally transformed my eating problems. I am literally not at war with myself about eating anymore! Words cannot really express, but my heart is so full of gratitude for your words that I am listening to every night before I go to bed. I am beginning to love myself, something I have wanted for forever, knew was important, but couldn’t find in myself anywhere as hard as I tried to build it inside. It is real, lasting change.”

“This woman is incredible. Booked one appointment, was so profoundly affected, that I booked another two days later. She has an amazing God given gift. Powerful. Life affirming. Touched by an angel. Thank you, Maureen.”

“I had an appointment with Maureen and was amazed with her keen sense of intuition, compassion and guidance. My hypnotherapy session was SO SPOT ON in addressing my needs, insecurities, and attributes. It is so nice to have the recording to ‘revisit’ Maureen’s valuable, professional words of wisdom spoken directly to me! Thank you, Maureen! Blessings in all your future endeavors!”

“I think of you with gratitude all the time. The hour we spent together has helped me to prioritize my highest wishes and the tape is invaluable. I hear your voice and slight, though distinctive, accent in my head as I go about my day. I wish you well in this new expanded endeavor of yours.”

“Maureen made a tape for me to listen to before bed. I listened to it for 21 nights as directed and I started to sleep better and have made so many changes in my life from her suggestions. I recommend her highly!”

“Maureen, you work with the highest level of integrity, come from a heart-centered (as well as science-based) approach; and show up fully present always to help your clients transform their lives for the better – for the best!”

“An extremely gifted and well-educated woman that excels to the highest level when sharing her true passion and immense talents to help others to become their best selves with ease and grace. BOOM BABY!”

“I’d say that you are a true professional, extremely knowledgeable in your field with a strong desire to help others improve the quality of their life. You serve others improve the quality of their life. You serve others with authenticity and integrity coming from your heart-centered compassion for each and every individual client.”

“Maureen is a brilliant, committed, supportive and unstoppable business-minded woman out to make a difference in the world by helping people hack their subconscious for peak performance.”

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