Therapeutic Guided Imagery (TGI)

The unconscious mind functions and communicates with our conscious mind symbolicallymeaning that it stores ideas, thoughts and memories through symbols. We all know the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Well, that has never been more apt than with Guided Imagery.

Therapeutic Guided Imagery utilizes both hemi-spheres to give the client the best outcome. The Right hemisphere controls symbology, creativity, and relationships; while the Left hemisphere controls linear & analytical functions, logic, career and finances. When I utilize T.G.I. I’m overloading the client’s brain by offering images, feelings, symbols & the linear progression of what my suggestions are to engage both hemispheres.

All of us have the ability to imagine and when we do, we picture different scenarios in which we would like to be, we picture our memories, and we even picture our futures. This is where Therapeutic Guided Imagery comes in.

Through this amazing process I assist you in experiencing and overcoming life’s hurdles and obstacles. When dealing with grief, loss, chronic or acute pain and the prospect of surgery, to name a few, Guided Imagery allows you to go on living, by alleviating the pain and assisting with the healing process, both physically and emotionally. We have all heard about Spirits and Guardian Angels. However, not too many people have heard about Inner Guides. Through Guided Imagery, we can assist you in finding your Inner Guide, and going through life with the choice of asking for guidance at any time.

Guided Imagery Helps You Create a Stress-Free Personal Place

Considering the lives that we live, sometimes it would be great if we could escape ALL THIS and retreat to our personal place. Therapeutic Guided Imagery is able to give you just that!

Imagine what it would be like to close your eyes and not only be in your personal place (whether it’s a Caribbean beach, in a forest, on a mountain, or in the desert), but that all your stresses, frustrations and tensions disappear!! After a few minutes of Imagery, one can ‘return’ to everyday life at full speed, feeling refreshed and energized, ready to go on!

Therapeutic Guided Imagery is able to get you over hurdles and obstacles, show you new (previously unknown) ways through life’s maze, help you feel protected, assist you with the grieving process and stages of loss, help you get in touch with whatever situation you are facing in life and prepares you for what you are expecting. It’s a personal process where one person’s choice might not be another’s. The individualistic aspect of Guided Imagery is what makes it so effective and personalized.

Therapeutic Guided Discovery Process

I will always do my best to assist and guide you through whichever stage in life you’re facing, in a way that it’s easier for you. When using Guided Imagery, I help my clients in their discovery process as they gain insight, direction and empowerment from their imagery journeys. Being that T.G.I is based on partnership, I encourage clients to take an active role in their healing and growth process, stimulating the mind/body connection by developing proficiency in Imagery. Therapeutic Guided Imagery assists the client to move into confident independence. When working with each and every client it is a joy to discover the realm of infinite possibilities through their unconscious imagery.

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