Time Line Therapy

Time Line Therapy® is a technique for successfully letting go of negative emotions and limiting decisions, for the purpose of allowing you to create a future filled with your dreams and aspirations.

All Learning, Behavior and Change is Unconscious

Time Line Therapy® can assist individuals in going forward with their lives by having them find out where their timeline is.

All of us live our everyday lives based on the memories of our past. Some old incidents affect us more than we’d like to admit. Through the techniques in Time Line Therapy®, I will be able to assist you in finding which event caused you to feel the way you do today, and how holding onto that memory is affecting the way you feel, think, react and behave today.

Using the Time Line Therapy® techniques, I can you assist through a process where you will release and let go of negative emotions, including anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt. Once the negative emotion is released, you will notice a difference in how you feel about yourself, how you react with others and how you behave in your everyday life.

Some of us live our lives with limiting beliefs determining our outcomes. Just because someone told us ages ago that we weren’t good enough, or that we’ll never succeed, doesn’t mean that we have to believe it or live the rest of our lives according to that negative statement. Through Time Line Therapy®, I can help you let go of those limiting beliefs and guide you into believing in yourself and seeing how you really can achieve what you set your mind to.

There are instances in life when if we’re on a tight schedule and another person who is on the same schedule is taking their time, really bothers us. There are incidents where two people who have an appointment at 2pm will behave differently. One will arrive at 1:45, because it’s always good to be punctual, but early is better, while the other arrives at 2:10 because his other meeting ran late and nothing was going to start until he got there anyway.

Sometimes, being one way works, while at other times it doesn’t. For example it’s good to be punctual, on time and good at following a schedule, but if you’re on vacation you really don’t need to go by a schedule.

Through the techniques in Time Line Therapy®, I can assist you with deciphering which kind of person you would like to be and which would work best for you. According to your lifestyle one might be more beneficial than the other, so having a choice always helps. Plus, if you are planning a vacation, then switching from one to the other might give you the best of both worlds. During your regular days you’re able to be punctual and follow a schedule, but while on vacation you’ll then be able to enjoy the moment, be leisurely and take your time, without feeling rushed about what you might be missing.

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Achieve Your Goals

Now, that you have a basic understanding of what Time Line Therapy® can do, I’ve saved the best for last. Through this system, I can assist you to set goals into your future in such a way that creates its happening.

My philosophy is that we are all doing the best we can to survive every day. Knowing now, that there are techniques to be utilized which can make our everyday lives better, assist the way we feel about ourselves and change the way we’ve always reacted to life, so that we end up living a better life……..why wait?