Against All Odds

Release Your Past and Win Your Future

In her latest best-seller, Maureen shares more candid stories from her past and how initially, hurtful words and situations left her questioning herself. It wasn’t until she changed her own thought process that she was able to overcome her own limiting beliefs to push herself towards the success she enjoys today.

Maureen then highlights her perspective in life and what benefits you will receive when you take on this new way of thinking where you learn from and truly appreciate your life. She also discusses how the foundational levels of a strong self-identity can transform how we live day to day.

A note from Maureen:

As a hypnotherapist, I understand that we are all constantly morphing blend of mind, body and spirit. With this in mind, I created The Pisani Method, which is a unique formulation of combined therapies (including, but not limited to) Hypnosis, EFT Tapping, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Therapeutic Guided Imagery and Reiki. My multi-directional approach simultaneously tackles as many aspects of this combination as possible to bring my clients solutions and tools to overcome the things that hold them back in life. I guide people through the process of identifying, releasing and reprogramming their minds to eliminate bad habits, encourage positive growth and institute new, positive changes in their lives with immediate results. 

The Pisani Method will help you sort through past pain and help you release it while finding your own strength and resilience in life, love and your career. In many cases, The Pisani Method will use a combination of 30 minute hypnotherapy sessions with EFT tapping exercises to boost results. While hypnotherapy and EFT tapping exercises can be used alone, there is a dramatic difference when used together. My goal is to dispel common myths about Hypnotherapy and encourage people to try these relatively effortless options for optimal health and wellness.

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3 Easy Steps to Achieve Career Success and Abundance

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