THRIVE! Mastermind

What are THRIVE! Mastermind Groups?

The concept of Mastermind groups originally came from such brilliant minds as Benjamin Franklin and more recently, Napoleon Hill. A true Mastermind is a select group of 12 business professionals who are highly intelligent, creative and motivated in all aspects of life. These groups meet weekly to highlight each other’s businesses, ideas and projects and then launch them into greatness using their expertise, experience and collaborative energy to create a one of a kind synergy for success. 

The groups meet weekly and I am offering both morning and afternoon session times to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to join. For now, the meetings are being held via private Zoom meetings. The information and ideas shared each week are kept confidential by each of the members who have committed to each other’s growth and excellence.

Each week one of the member’s businesses is highlighted and presented for the remaining members to give feedback and insight into.  What results from these  focused THRIVE! Mastermind groups are new ideas, plans and strategies to bring your goals to fruition, meanwhile offering you the necessary support from dedicated professionals.

“I’ve never experienced anything like my THRIVE! Mastermind. I’ve been able to increase my PT business so that I’m working less and actually earning more. I’m so grateful for the people in my group. They’ve become my close confidants and friends who have shared invaluable information with me. Thank you Maureen for inviting me to join!” – A. P., Personal Trainer

 Your Benefits Include:

New ideas and products stemming from your masterminding sessions with your group

Gaining years of experience and expertise from the members in your group

Increased self-confidence knowing that you have made the right decisions for your business to ensure your success

Real accountability and real progress in your business

 An instant and invaluable support network from like-minded individuals

Motivation and encouragement from your group

How Do I Join?

Not everyone is right for THRIVE! Mastermind groups. These groups are for committed and motivated entrepreneurs and other business professionals. To ensure the group’s growth, Maureen also matches members in groups based on location, vocation and business level, thus creating the best formula for success. Before joining, you must complete a simple application and interview process. During this interview, Maureen will discuss the membership requirements and details with you.

There are currently 4 tiers of groups depending on your current business status. Which tier would best describe you? 

Tier 1 – For Start-Ups and Newer Entrepreneurs 

Tier 2 – For Intermediate Business Professionals

Tier 3 – For Advanced Business Professionals

Tier 4 – For C-Suite Executives


Please submit the form below and Maureen will contact you to further discuss your membership in THRIVE! Mastermind groups.

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