Pain Relieving Series (Set of 3 Hypnosis Sessions & EFT Workbook)

Are you dreading tomorrow because you already know it’s going to be painful? Are you living in constant discomfort? Have you started doubting your ability to improve your condition? Do

Conquering COVID-19 (Hypnotherapy & EFT Tapping Techniques)

Conquering COVID-19 Simple techniques to help you overcome the fear and anxiety from this pandemic and rebuild your sense of safety & tranquility using Hypnotherapy and EFT Tapping sequences. Welcome

Improving Health Conditions

Are you irritated that you’re not improving health wise, as fast as you thought you would? Are those test results still too high?  Or too low? Are you having a

Improving Skin Conditions:

Are you struggling with Psoriasis? Can’t find any relief?  Breakouts keep happening? Are you embarrassed by eczema breakouts that you can’t predict, control or stop? Are you irritated by resistant

Speaking Up for Yourself

Speaking up for yourself This script is meant for those who have lived most of their lives with a submissive, shy, conservative and non-confrontational personality.  There are times where it

Weight Loss Series (Set of three MP3)

Maureen recommends listening to 1 MP3 a week.  Being that it takes 21 days to create permanent change, listening to one MP3 a week, for 3 weeks will assist your

Sleep Improvement Session

Does it take you forever to fall asleep? Are you tired of waking up exhausted? Do you wish you could sleep all night long? Does your mind keep going and

Self-Confidence & Motivation Session

Do you wish you feel confident? Do you constantly doubt yourself? Have you tried to go for it, but still didn’t succeed? Do you wonder how others just do it?

Reduction & Removal Of Test Anxiety

Are you doing your best to study but keep forgetting what you’ve just spent hours on? Do you read page after page only to realize that you have no idea

Power Napping Session

Do you feel tired half way through your day? Do you work night shift and cannot focus during your waking hours? Would you like to ‘re-charge’ quickly during your days

Improving Hair Conditions

Are you recuperating from chemotherapy and haven’t regained your normal density of hair yet? • Are you dealing with so much stress that your hair is thinning out? And nothing

Enhancing Memory Session

Do you feel like you can’t quite get the right word at the right moment? Do you feel like your mind is disorganized? Do you feel scattered? Do you worry

Abundance Series (Set of 3 Hypnosis Sessions)

Persistence, Versatility & Going for it! • Are you doing everything to grow your business, but aren’t getting the desired results? • Are you working as hard as you can,