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Strategically Developed Workshops with You in Mind

Maureen has developed several workshops on a variety of topics to educate her clients about themselves and offer them additional tools into streamlining their lives for success. They include a variety of topics based on 4 comprehensive categories; Mind, Heart, Body and Money.

The Science Behind Hypnosis was developed to teach people how their brain works and why hypnosis/hypnotherapy is a valuable tool for each of us. She explains the science behind our minds in a fun and easy to understand format. At the end of the workshop, she demonstrates the power of hypnosis by conducting a group hypnotherapy session. Past attendees report feeling “immediately relaxed” as well as “completely rejuvenated” by the session. 

If you are interested in having her share this presentation with your specific audience, please contact Maureen directly to see how this can be tailored for your needs.

the science behind hypnosis


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My Promise – Making Your Life Better.

My primary goal in life is to assist in making each life I encounter – BETTER – thus assisting each client to strive for and achieve the future they envisioned. My own journey has taught me to be accepting of all. I want my clients to feel comfortable, safe and accepted. Nothing you will ever tell me will shock me or make me judge you – EVER!

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