Engaging Presentations. Successful Outcomes.

Whether you have a…

  • Team of sales professionals striving to thrive, instead of getting by
  • Company of professionals in an intensive industry looking to relieve some of that job-related stress
  • School or university that wants to help students succeed at academics
  • Sports organization that is looking for a winning streak

…One of Maureen’s Engaging Presentations Is For You!

Each presentation includes:

  • Content and topics tailored to your audience and needs
  • Assessment of the current status the audience is in
  • The how and why they have been stuck and unable to achieve their goals
  • The how and why each one of them, after the presentation, can and will accomplish a different outcome
  • Group visualizations at the end to ensure a successful outcome.

Choose from topics such as:

  • Attorneys - "The Verdict is in... Relieving Stress for Attorneys"
  • Sales Executives & Team Building - "Skyrocketing Sales... Overcoming Rejections and Objections"
  • College Prep & Career Advancement - "Acing Tests, Exams and Interviews... Eliminating Anxiety"
  • Athletes & Anyone Living with Pain - "It Doesn't Hurt Anymore! Living Pain free IS Possible!"
  • Relationships - "Bereavements and Breakups... Moving from Pain to Positivity!" (These and other topics can be tailored to your audience)

Maureen has superior knowledge of neuroscience and is well-versed in the medical world. Her presentations are easy-to-understand, engaging and provide positive outcomes for the whole audience. She is unlike any other speaker we’ve ever hired.

– M.J. Sales Director

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Motivational Speaker, Author and Science-Based Hypnotherapist