Does Hypnotherapy Really Work?

This is one of the most  frequently asked questions. Here’s my reply. As a child I used to play the piano and as I grew older I continued to improve my talent and skill. Due to my musical background, I learned to type on typewriters and eventually computers, the same way I played the piano – with my wrists in line with my hands, parallel to the keyboard.

Subsequently, here in the States, I was working as a Medical Historian, thoroughly enjoying my job, because I was helping the patients. Then tragedy struck. Instead of getting carpal tunnel, like most people do; due to the fact that I typed the same way I had once played the piano, I ended up being diagnosed with cubital tunnel syndrome and overuse syndrome in both elbows.  I was suffering tremendous chronic pain and it was decided by my own employers that I required surgical treatment. After six surgeries (three on each elbow), I was transferred to an Arm Specialist who proceeded to perform four additional surgeries (two on each elbow).

It is important to remember that after every surgery, I was placed in a cast for an average of three to four weeks after which came weeks on end of painful physical therapy in an attempt to regain full strength and full range of motion. However after all ten procedures, the chronic aching, throbbing pain that never ended, was still there.

Only now, I had these permanent gashes on my arms that were horrendous, all the specialists declared me 100% disabled, put me on Social Security and offered me a lifetime supply of medication.  So, there I was at 33, completely disabled.  Every doctor that saw me would first look at my arms and then state that he couldn’t, actually wouldn’t touch my arms, because I had had too many procedures already done. The physicians always said the same thing –that I would never get full use of my arms and that I had to learn to live with the pain.

I Didn't Give Up!

Thankfully, I had a frame of mind that I wasn’t going to accept any of these physicians’ negative opinions. I was eventually going to regain the function of my arms. I finally discovered Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy and after going for a couple of sessions, my never-ending, constantly throbbing, aching and debilitating pain WAS GONE!

The change was miraculous to me. I calculated that during those six years of surgical procedures, being in a cast from my fingers all the way up to the upper arm, those weeks of unending painful physical therapy, I had taken over 25,000 tablets!


Sure, I still get the aches and pains every so often, especially when the weather is gloomy and damp, but I have a hypnotic technique that I can utilize to reduce the pain level to where I can function. I can achieve this without any drugs, or any side effects and I can use it as often as I need to.
So, for all of you, who had any doubt as to whether Hypnotherapy works…….YES! IT DOES!
Should you have any questions, please feel free to set up an appointment and I’ll be happy to show you what the scars look like nowadays!