Mind Money

Expand Your Mind – Expand Your Money!

Through Maureen’s recently released Mind Money training program, she uses a variety of modalities to help you upgrade and enhance your unconscious mind’s programming. You’ll be able to change your mindset and how you approach your business and personal life, increasing your success in all areas. Her 15+ years of experience and success have led her to sharing her knowledge and expertise to help those around her find the success and happiness they crave. 

This 3 hour training program is unique and personalized to YOU and your business. Her tailored approach is like nothing you have seen or tried before. Through her life-changing coaching, she will help you create a solid foundation, increase sales, improve confidence and motivation, and go from financial instability to financial freedom.You will close more deals and get the recognition you deserve as a leader, leaving you feeling accomplished and filled with undeniable success, everyday. 

Not only will she work with you, but in most cases, she will also include your sales team or any employees in this special program. When you want to surpass your business and financial goals, Maureen has the capability and know how to get your unconscious mind in alignment with your conscience mind, where success will finally be yours! 

What do you need to do to get started?

Schedule a FREE consultation with Maureen 

Come to your training session with an open mind

Allow yourself to find your limitless potential

Here is a glimpse of what your Mind Money session will incorporate:

  • Uncovering what you have been doing, what is working and what isn’t working and why
  • Discovering your inner expectations and how we function on an unconscious level
  • Find out what your competitors are doing and be able to be better at those techniques
  • Learn to interpret personalities and language patterns to improve relationships and ultimately, increase the level of trust and likeability between you and your employees and customers.
  • Most importantly…INCREASE ABUNDANCE!

In addition to your personalized session, you will also receive these complimentary gifts:

  • A copy of your session in MP3 format
  • A copy of her “Handwriting Personality Tips” to help you better understand what is conveyed through your writing as well as what you can infer from the handwriting of your employees and clients. 
  • Tips to enhance listening and communication skills to improve your relationships.
  • Insider closing secrets to help you close the deal every time. 
  • How to speak to the 4 categories of speech so that they not only hear you, but understand and agree with you. 

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