the science behind hypnosis

The Science Behind Hypnosis

Many people who have not experienced real hypnosis may question if people can actually be hypnotized. They may have seen or experienced stage hypnosis, where a performer “hypnotizes” an audience member to cluck like a chicken or behave in some other silly manner for the purpose of entertainment. However, the American Medical Association, British Medical Association and the American Psychological Association have long since recognized Hypnotherapy (Hypnosis) as a valid form of treatment for a variety of medical issues, including but not limited to fears, phobias, behavior modification, sleep disorders, pain management and self-limiting beliefs.

Hypnosis is a calm, trance-like state that causes increased focus and concentration and allows the person to be more open to the power of suggestion. No one can enter hypnosis without their permission and a person can cease the hypnotic state at any time, meaning they are in full control at all times. Hypnotherapy should only be performed by well-trained and properly certified practitioners.

There is a lot more science involved with Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, but rather than tell you about it, Maureen would love to share her knowledge with you and allow you to experience hypnotherapy for yourself in her The Science Behind Hypnosis workshop. This workshop allows her to really dig into the science of hypnosis in a way that you can easily understand how your mind works and behaves. She then takes participants into hypnosis so that they can experience the positive affects of the session for themselves.

By the way, this workshop is FREE!

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