Past Life Regression

At the moment of our death, after exiting the physical body, it is believed that we become unlimited spirits and after a certain period of time of being in transition, we re-enter a different physical body to experience a subsequent life.  The reason behind this is for our spirit to learn all the lessons possible to become complete.

Some of the general criteria include:

  • There is no transmigration, meaning that we can come back as male/female, but not as an animal or rock.
  • Sometimes the next life has a completely different perspective. However, if in THIS life we didn't learn the lessons we were supposed to learn, then the next life might have similar experiences because we still need to learn "that" lesson.
  • Time is a concept conceived by man. So, returning to a human body immediately or centuries later is basically the equivalent of an eye blink when it comes to travelling between lives.
  • We all have free will to choose our intentions; to come back and be whoever we want to be.
  • Any type of client can be regressed – as long as they believe in it.
WHAT is a Past Life Regression?

It’s the act of remembering/releasing/getting closure/ accepting responsibility with regards to something that’s going on in this present life.  I utilize P.L.R. sessions to help my clients resolve their current presenting complaint. The client usually gets closure as to why “this” is happening in this lifetime.

WHEN is a P.L.R. done?

When my clients request it.  I, as hypnotherapist, will never force a client in any situation to experience a P.L.R. if they are not ready to.  The client ALWAYS has to request a P.L.R. When I do a P.L.R., I always make sure that the client is comfortable. I record the session and subsequently email the recording to the client. This usually allows the client to experience the regression fully without having to be ‘forced’ to remember what occurred. Clients all react to P.L.R. Differently. Some have an extremely detailed experience, while other go through several in the same time span.

WHY does it work?

P.L.R  works because it gives us access to the unconscious mind. Whether the client’s asking to experience it for clinical reasons or simply for fun – the client achieves results either way.

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How do clients experience PLRs?

Some clients see it, others sense it, others hear it, while others live it.  The client’s unconscious mind decides which way is the best way for them to experience it.

  • As their hypnotherapist, I always guide my clients into determining how to experience their PLRs .  I give the client the choice of either living it OR seeing it on a movie screen, where they have the choice of going back and forth to feel safe.
  • When they experience a lifetime – I instruct the client to ‘LET GO’ of the negative, to get the learning from that lifetime and move on.
  • After a PLR, the client now has a new understanding with regards to why these events/experiences were happening.Remember, even if it’s a memory, a fantasy or simply imagination – your unconscious mind will take you on the RIGHT journey for you.

What does the client get out of a P.L.R.?

The client can actually get closure regarding an issue that they’ve been dealing with over a period of time.  The reason that that particular issue exists is because there’s a conflict between what the conscious and the unconscious minds have as experiences/wants/desires/needs.  So with a P.L.R., that conflict will be vented and when both minds are in congruence, then the client will be able to move on.

Why are PLRs successful?

Simply stated…. because they find the underlying cause!  The client will then have a deeper understanding of what’s really going on and they’ll get closure and FINALLY be able to move on.

What do P.L.Rs assist with?
  • weight issues
  • fears and phobias(due to mortal wounds in Past Life)
  • pain (due to injuries or killing methods of Past Life)
  • releasing issues(old feud or negative relationship with family member)
  • resolving current issues indirectly
  • recurring patterns in current relationships or employment (due to old negative unconscious knowns)
  • writer’s block, music directors, set designers, costume designers (lack of muse/creativity)
  • and many more…

How can we resolve these issues?

As a hypnotherapist, I assist my clients  by giving them access to more information, so that they have the choice of deciding whether to change their unconscious knowns by:

  • letting go
  • implanting new positive knowns in their unconscious mind
  • assisting them in  taking the positive learnings from that life
  • assisting them in reliving the positive experiences with that family member
  • showing them their strengths and how they survived and overcame hurdles
  • taking them back to that time period, so that they can experience it firsthand.