Power Napping Session

  • Do you feel tired half way through your day?
  • Do you work night shift and cannot focus during your waking hours?
  • Would you like to ‘re-charge’ quickly during your days off?
  • Would you like to take a nap, but fear that you might sleep too long?
  • Would you like to know that you have 49 minutes that are JUST FOR YOU & when you wake up, you’ll feel completely re-focused, re-energized & ready to go?

In today’s day and age, we’re going non-stop.  Our to-do lists are never-ending. There are times that we simply end up on empty….. half-way through our day.  This hypnotic recording is specifically designed to carve out 49 minutes out of your day that will be JUST FOR YOU!

Whether, it’s been ‘one of those days’; whether you’re working different shifts and your body & mind have no idea what to do at this hour; whether you’re just overloaded and need a break….. With this hypnotic recording, you can take a break – physically, mentally, emotionally AND energetically, and let it all go; with the ability to relax & unwind completely. Then, once the 49 minutes are up, so are you!  Refreshed, re-energized, re-focused!

This is a 49 minute hypnotic session with Theta music, composed and played by Leigh Spusta. The combination of the hypnotic suggestions with the Theta music enhances subconscious receptivity and acceptance. After purchase you’ll be presented with a download link for the MP3 file. You’ll have access to this link for 30 days.

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