Sleep Improvement Session

  • Does it take you forever to fall asleep?
  • Are you tired of waking up exhausted?
  • Do you wish you could sleep all night long?
  • Does your mind keep going and going?
  • Has a negative experience changed your sleeping habits?
  • Do you wonder how others do it?

Good quality sleep is essential to our holistic health, to waking up energized, optimistic, feeling alive, being completely ready for another great day. When you either cannot fall asleep or cannot stay asleep your body isn’t receiving the appropriate time or quality of down time it requires.

Falling asleep easily, quickly, soundly and deeply; sleeping for the length of time that is appropriate for you, achieving that deep restorative delta-sleep that enhances and promotes a healthy mind and body are exactly what Maureen focuses on in this hypnotic experience. Listening to this hypnosis retrains your  subconscious mind in the necessary steps it needs to take for you to sleep quickly, soundly and deeply.

This hypnotic experience is recommended for all sorts of circumstances, whether you want to:

  • Sleep at night all night long
  • Work night shifts and have to sleep during the noisy daytime hours
  • Traveling and overcome jetlag and different time zones
  • Have a drastically life-impacting experience that disrupted your self-trust of easily waking up tomorrow.

This is a 28 minute hypnotic session with Theta music, composed and played by Leigh Spusta. The combination of the hypnotic suggestions with the Theta music enhances subconscious receptivity and acceptance. After purchase you’ll be presented with a download link for the MP3 file. You’ll have access to this link for 30 days.

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