Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

E.F.T. is a technique where one taps on specific acupressure points. It is based on the ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine modality of Acupuncture, but is needleless! Traditional Chinese Medicine has 14 meridians that run along the body which regulate all physiological functions. The tapping occurs either on the beginning or the ending points of specific meridians. The methodology of these tapping points and sequence of tapping is based on the notion that unresolved emotional issues are a participating cause to physical issues, physical diseases, psychological blocks and/or personal lifestyle obstacles.

E.F.T. usually gives immediate results.  During the tapping cycles, clients ‘connect’ with what the cause of their presenting complaint is, release it, replace the negative with a chosen positive behavior or attitude and by the end of the tapping, actually feel the difference.

For the client to feel good, all three – mind, body and spirit, have to be functioning to the best of their ability. E.F.T. effects all three.  It is a non-invasive technique that realigns the body’s energetic system, which results in a physiological shift, which subsequently offers a new outcome to the brain, which ultimately leads to a change in behavior.

Clients who have opted for E.F.T. during my sessions, albeit hesitant in the beginning tend to enjoy the benefits and request it when facing and dealing with other issues.

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