Is Your Mind Cluttered? Hypnotherapy Can Help Clean Out The Closet Of Your Mind


Neuroscience teaches us that our consciousness comes from a series of electrical currents that quickly and efficiently carry data throughout our brains. It is a web of information, our private intranet of constantly-growing data we collect through our lives. In diseases such as Alzheimer’s, these signals are being blocked, and when they need it, sufferers can no longer get reliable access to the information in their heads.

Worries, anxieties, and fixations can cause a stoppage that is not as dire as Alzheimer’s but still frustrating for those who suffer. Our signal pathways have been disrupted because they cannot move freely while our mind works hard to deal with a significant focus overload. Think of it as a traffic jam, with the added confusion of everyone honking their horn. A cluttered mind is a result. It can lead to short-term memory issues, such as the inability to retrieve the name of someone close to us quickly. We stress until we get it, which means we are dealing with excessive stress levels.

Another way worries, anxieties, and fixations can affect memory is the inability to produce particular words during a conversation. Our very active brains are working on the problem we have in the foreground. We are hampered by the background ‘desk reference’ that we usually use to retrieve our rich vocabulary’s specific elements.

Science-Based Hypnotherapy can help us put our worries, anxieties, and fixations out of the way of the traffic in our minds. A hypnotherapist can shrink the issues causing the blockage by building our sense of self-esteem and self-trust in Hypnotherapy. As we let go of the high-stress matters and learn to trust in our competency, the signals begin to return to their average level of traffic, freeing our minds from the clutter of signals slowed on the way to their destinations.

If you are interested in how Hypnotherapy can assist you with specific goals and have questions, please contact me for a consultation. PROThrive specializes in Science-Based Hypnotherapy (SBH), and we have a growing community of clients who are breaking past their own self-limiting beliefs to live the lives they have always dreamed of living. Are you curious about how Hypnotherapy can help you? Contact me at to find out.

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