3 Easy Steps to Achieve Career Success and Abundance

It seemed natural for Maureen to combine Hypnotherapy with EFT, because they both access and affect the mind and body. This book offers you, the reader, an option of doing these easy quick tapping exercises, and listening to the hypnotic tracks thereby receiving the benefits, while still at home. All you have to do is follow the instructions. The process is quite simple. First do the EFT tapping and then just relax and listen to the audio recording. There is an EFT tapping-point diagram that easily depicts the points Maureen utilizes in her EFT exercises. Just to assist you even more, each script has the specific point to tap on, so all you have to do is follow along. This combination of technique gives you, the reader, more radical results. Maureen feels very strongly about collaborating fully with all of her clients through all the stages of change to solid undisputed success. Even though you do have an option of obtaining just the workbook, Maureen highly recommends getting your hands on the combo set to receive the maximum benefits while still in the comfort of your own home.

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