3 Easy Steps to Release the Past & OWN RESILIENCE!


A unique combination of Hypnotherapy and EFT Tapping to help you let go of the past and move forward without the excess baggage!

This multi-directional approach simultaneously tackles several aspects of the mind, body and spirit connection to help you transform and overcome the pain from your past. In this EFT Tapping Program, Step One will sort out the trauma so that the resultant emotional impact is significantly reduced. In Step Two, we move on to reevaluating yourself through self-forgiveness, self-appreciation and ultimately self-acceptance to allow the emotional healing to take place. In Step Three, you will feel undeniably better and begin acknowledging how powerful, strong and unstoppable you truly are. The entire process is relatively effortless, but you will definitely be positively affected in  ways you didn’t think were possible. This e-book can be used on its own for EFT tapping, but will be most effective when combined with the Resilience Hypnotherapy mp3 Series.

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