Conquering COVID-19 (Hypnotherapy & EFT Tapping Techniques)

Conquering COVID-19

Simple techniques to help you overcome the fear and anxiety from this pandemic and rebuild your sense of safety & tranquility using Hypnotherapy and EFT Tapping sequences.

Welcome to the road map to your peace of mind. In our current worldwide situation, we are each dealing with the global and the personal fears constantly. My life’s mission is to be of service. The best way for me to have as high an impact as possible is to give you the tried and true techniques that will help you live a calm and peaceful day, every day; especially during these trying times. May you and your family and friends be safe, healthy and free of this Coronavirus; COVID-19.

Disclaimer: Always make sure to listen to hypnosis recordings in a safe environment. Do not listen to hypnosis recordings while driving, while sitting in the driver’s seat of a vehicle that is parked, or while operating machinery. Hypnosis is not advised for those with epilepsy or anyone prone to seizures or for those with a history of psychotic breaks, schizophrenia or dissociative identity disorder.

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