Abundance Series (Set of 3 Hypnosis Sessions)

Persistence, Versatility & Going for it!

• Are you doing everything to grow your business, but aren’t getting the desired results?

• Are you working as hard as you can, and you’re barely making ends meet?

• Have you been hoping that the breakthrough is round the corner, but it still hasn’t happened yet?

Maureen is an internationally recognized motivational speaker with a highly successful hypnotherapy practice located in Southern California. Even though she is based out of San Diego, she is in such high demand that she has expanded her practice by working clients remotely. Her program is specifically designed for the people who have been dedicating their lives to their work, but who have not been able to attain the financial results and success they so deserve.

As you listen to the three mp3s, Maureen will assist your subconscious mind in making the necessary changes which will enhance your results and produce consistent profits. She suggests listening to one hypnosis session everyday for one week, thereby allowing the mind to listen, accept and implement the changes recommended over a 3-week period of time.  Her 3 part series is designed to specifically utilize the fact that it takes 21 days for a new pattern of behavior to become permanent. Maureen also wrote an EFT Tapping Workbook that is HIGHLY recommended to be used in conjunction with this hypnosis series. Listeners are instructed to read and follow the easy tapping exercises and diagrams and then listen to their audio tracks. When combined, the results are achieved quicker and with monumental success when compared to tapping alone. 

There are 3 hypnotic audio tracks in this series. After your purchase has been verified, links to download the mp3s will be emailed to you directly. You will have access to these links for 30 days.

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