Enhancing Memory Session

  • Do you feel like you can’t quite get the right word at the right moment?
  • Do you feel like your mind is disorganized?
  • Do you feel scattered?
  • Do you worry about your memory?Enhancing Memory
  • Are you sensitive about how fast (or rather slow) your mind supplies what you’re looking for.

In this hypnotic recording, Maureen reawakens your brain into being sharper, into having full retention with instant recall.  The technique that this recording utilizes makes remembering easy, fun and efficient.

Sometimes life can be too overbearing. At times, our conscious mind succumbs to the overload and we end up scatter-brained, frazzled, or foggy. Sometimes, we wish to be in control, but are simply too exhausted to think straight.

This hypnotic recording re-focuses the mind and guides it through a smooth transition where it becomes an efficient results-producing machine.  Maureen understands how much we all want a sharp mind that keeps things on track, that remembers details vividly and that assists us into a better tomorrow.

 This is a 28 minute hypnotic session with Theta music, composed and played by Leigh Spusta. The combination of the hypnotic suggestions with the Theta music enhances subconscious receptivity and acceptance. After purchase you’ll be presented with a download link for the MP3 file. You’ll have access to this link for 30 days.

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